Automatic Machines

LD-02 Automatic Label Cutting Machine


*high speed *auto start-stop *cold cutting *heavy duty *economic

M-1000 Automatic Tape Dispenser

*Width: 7-50 mm *Length 10-999 mm

Z Cut 9 Automatic Tape Dispenser

*Tape Width 6-60 mm *Tape Length 10-999 mm

Zcut 9 GR Automatic Tape Dispenser

*Tape Width 6–60 mm *Tape Length 10–999 mm

Automatic Tape Dispenser ELM-1000


*Tape Width:7-50 mm *Tape Length: 20-999 mm

Automatic Tape Dispenser LD-80


*Width:10-80 mm *Length:20-999 mm

Zcut-2 Automatic Tape Dispenser

*Tape Width:3-25 mm *Cut Length:13-60 mm *multi-user

LD-3000 Carousel Type Automatic Tape Dispenser

*Width:3-25 mm*Length:9-61 mm

Zcut-870 Electrical Automatic Tape Dispenser

*Width 3–25 mm *Cutting Length 15-70 mm

TDA-080 Heavy Duty Tape D

*Width:13-80 mm *Tape Size Set Limit:40–9999 mm

Automatic Label Dispenser LD-1150D


*Width 4-140 mm *Length 4-200 mm

Electronic Date Code Printing Machine

*Printing type:Pad Printing

LD-08DX Cable Bundler

*Cutting length:90-220mm

LD-50 Semi Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine


*Labeling speed 20-40pcs/min *Acceptable bottle diameter 10-150mm

Electrical Label Dispenser AL-505



LD-1180D Auto Label Dispenser (With coding printer)


*Width:6-130mm *Length:8-300mm

Automatic Label Dispenser LD-100


*Label Width: 5 - 100mm *Label Length 10 - 300 mm

Automatic Label Dispenser LD-130


*Label Width 5-130 mm *Feed Speed 5.1"/second

LD-937 Automatic Label Rewinder

*Available Width:20-150mm *Speed:200-1000mm/sec

LD-938 Automatic Label Rewinder

*Available Width 20-150 mm *Rewinder & Unwinder

Automatic Rebar Tying Machine Belton BE RT 40L


*2700 ties per charge *0.8 seconds per knot

Belton Rebar Tying Machine (BE-RT-64L)


* Max Tying size 64mm *Wire Size 1mm

Enamel Wire Stripping Machine LD-6001


*Wire Size Range 0.5-2.5mm *Stripping Length 5-50 mm

LD-02A Heat Shrinkable Tube Cutting Machine

*Conduit diameter:Φ10 *Cutting length:5-9999mm

LD-602E Pneumatic Terminal Crimping Machine

*Crimping range 0.5-16mm² *Output:1.8T

LD-T20 Automatic Screw Feeder Machine

*Diameter of screw: M2-M6 *Convey distance: 1-5 M

Automatic Lamp Cap Crimping Machine


*LED Type:B22&E27 *Pin:08-12

LD-380 Batch Coding Machine

*Max. Printing Speed:300(pcs/min.) *Max. Printing Line:11Lines (Max. 10 Characters/line)

Cloth Belt Cutting Machine LD-03

*Available Width:5-110mm *Available Length:-99999mm;

LD-10S Tape & Tube Cutting Machine

*Available Width:0.1-100mm *Available Length:1-100m

LD-05 Label Cutting Machine With Double Knife


*Available Width:5-80mm *Available Length *Cold Cutting

LD-08 Hot, Cold & Thermal Infrared Label Cutter

*Cut Length(mm):15-99999 *Max Cut Width:95mm

Ultrasonic Cutting Machine (Right Angle) LD-2100

*Cutting Length:20-99999mm *Max. Cutting Width:150mm

LD-501 Cable Bundling Machine

*Gauge:Max 20mm *Binding length:2-30M

LD-502 Cable Bundling Machine (With twist tie)

*Wire Length 65-130mm *Available binding wire diameter(OD) 3-28mm

LD-503 Wire Binding & Twist Tie Machine


*Binding wire diameter(OD):3-28mm

LD-504 Tie Twisting Machine

*Bind wire Length:120-190mm *Binding wire diameter(OD):15-40mm

LD-90 Bottle Labeling Machine (with Code Printer)

*Label size: Width 8-150 mm Length 15-210 mm *Acceptable Bottle dia. 10-150mm

LD-210 Automatic Bottle Labeling Machine

*Available Label Size: Height 15-90mm, Length 23-300mm

LD-60 Flat Bottle Labeling Machine


*Label Width:10 -60mm *Label Length:120mm

Rebar Cutting machine BE RC 16

*Rebar Size: 4-16MM *Cutting Speed: 2.5-3.0 s

Rebar Bending machine BE-RB-16

*Rebar dia. 4-16 mm *portable

LD-2122 Spring Separator


*Coil Spring OD 2~12mm *Free Length 2~20mm

ESD and Antistatic Products

ESD Metal Tweezers

surface resistivity of 102 Ohms/sq.

ESD (anti static) Slipper

Resistivity 10^7-10^11 ohms

ESD slipper

ESD level: 10*7 to 10*11Ω

ESD wrist strap

One size fits all. Easily adjustable 1 Mega Ohm safety resistance.

ESD (Antistatic) Brush

small size, flat handle

ESD rubber mat

An anti-static floor mat or ground mat is an anti-static device that safeguards an individual or piece of equipment like a PC from an electrostatic discharge (ESD).

ESD (Antistatic) Brush

small size, flat handle

ESD vinyl mat

ESD Vinyl Mats have a solid vinyl, homogeneous construction with a buried conductive layer in between which provides superior physical and electrical qualities.

ESD (Antistatic) Brush

*small size *U type

ESD curtain

Normal Size: 1.37m x 30m x 0.3 mm Color: Transparent or black.

ESD heel strap

helps in eliminating the static charge easily adjustable

ESD (Antistatic) Brush

small size, flat handle

ESD bin

Material- plastic Size-500x360x175mm

ESD bin

Material- plastic Size-420x310x155mm

Hanging ionizing fan


ESD (Antistatic) Brush

*flat handle *double bristles

Hanging ionizing fan


LD003 Overhead Ionizing Air Blower

*antistatic *hanging style

LD 028 Desktop Anti Static Ionizing Fan

*110/220 V *upto 190 CFM air volume

Desktop Ionizing Fan SL 0


Desktop ionizing



LD 004 Ionizing (Antistatic) Air Gun

*handheld *lightweight

LD 007 Ionizing (Antistatic) Air Gun

*handheld *lightweight

LD 280 Ionizing (Antistatic) Air Gun

*handheld *lightweight

LD 288 Ionizing (Antistatic) Air Gun

*handheld *lightweight

ESD brush

* large size *toothbrush type

Ionizing Air Gun

Product name:SL 288

ESD bin

Material:- plastic Size:- 300mm×200mm×23mm

Ionizing air gun

Ionizing Air Gun With power supply, for in the 100 purification room use. Ions up to a 1-meter distance Weight:5.0kgs

Ionizing air gun

Ionizing Air Snake Weight:3.0kgs

Ionizing air nozzle

Ionizing Air Nozzle Weight:2.0kgs

Lean Manufacturing Products

Logistic Solutions



Material Handling & Packaging


Scrap Processing and Recycling

LD-400C Scrap Wire Recycling Machine


*Wire Size:01-20mm *Capacity:80-100kg/hr

LD-600 Scrap Wire Processing Machine


*Wire Size:01-20mm *Capacity:300-400kg/hr

LD-600S Scrap Wire Recycling Machine


*Acceptable Wire Size 0.5-20mm *Capacity 300-400kg/hr *PLC controlled

LD-400S Scrape wire processing Machine


*Wire Size:Φ20mm below *Capacity:200-300kg/hr

LD-600A Scrap Wire Processing Machine

*Wire Size:0.5-20mm *Capacity:400-600kg/hr *PLC controlled

LD-400A Scrap Wire Recycler Machine


*Wire Size:upto 20mm *Capacity:150-180kg/hr

LD-1200A Scrap Wire Recycling Plant


*Wire Size:0.5-20mm *Capacity:800-1200kg/hr *PLC controlled

LD-800A Scrap Wire Recycling Plant

*Wire Size:0.5-20mm *Capacity:5000-7000kg *PLC controlled

LD-2000 Automatic Radiator Recycling Plant

*Feeding Size:800mm *Capacity:1500-2000kg/h

Food Processing Solutions