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Aluminum Plastic Electrostatic Separator

The electrostatic separator feeding device is a sorting material purity key technology.

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Aluminum Plastic Electrostatic Separator

Our double roller electrostatic separator can implement separation materials within a device separating the function of the extracted twice, can make the metal separation twice, also can make plastic sorting twice, higher purity. Equipment low consumption, low noise, high output, no dust and environmentally friendly. According to different materials, can choose to use different electrostatic separator specifications. Now our factor can produce single roller, double rollers, three rollers, more than size roll and roll parallel electrostatic separator, according to customer requirements for material extraction, purity, yield component, can make the matched electrostatic separator.



The electrostatic separator feeding device is a sorting material purity key technology. Our company electric machine, according to different material USES the unique way of feeding, or adopt single frequency control of speed control feeding, uniform material into the corona electric field and can realize the material the best separation effect.

The double roller electrostatic machine can realize the plastic on the second roller to separated again, to improve the purity of the plastic.

It also can realize the metals on the second roller to separated again, to improve the purity of the metals. Compared with the single roller, it saves the time and labors, and increase the production capacity.

Electrostatic separator using the high voltage electrostatic power supply is stable, due to the influence of the damp weather or peak time, can make the voltage change, high voltage power supply instability will affect the separation quality, our company specially designed the automatic pressure regulating device, to make sure the high voltage power supply stable.

Equipment within the running for a period of time, will produce large amounts of dust, directly affect the separation effect, our company has designed the blowing dust device, the device is always maintain the best separation effect.

Because it will produce ten of thousands of volts inside the equipment, special attention should be paid to safety in the operation process. Even if the machine stops working, there are still inside the equipment, high voltage charge for workers accidentally dangerous when operating, so for this, we designed the function of automatic discharge, so your company can provide reliable security guarantee to the operation of the operator.

Every step our electrostatic separator updates, we will consider the safety and convenient maintenance, easy to operate, easy to use, The speed adjustment, and feed adjustment all controlled by the frequency conversion control, we also chose the national standard motor to match our machines. All this to ensure our machine good operation and easy maintenance.




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