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LD 200 BGA Rework Station for mobile phone repair

BGA Rework Station LD 200

Especially designed BGA rework station for mobile phone repair. Economic model engineered for mobile applications.


Total Power 2300W
Top hot air heater 450W
Bottom diode heating 1800W
Power Supply AC 110V / 220V
Positioning V-groove, PCB support, universal fixtures
Temperature control K-type Sensor (Closed loop)
Temp accuracy ±2 degrees
PCB size Max 170x220mm Min 20x20mm
BGA chip size 2*2~80*80mm Minimum chip spacing: 0.15mm
Dimensions L540 W310 H500 (mm)
Weight 18 Kgs

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BGA Rework Station

Features of the LD 200 

Embedded industrial PC.
HD touch screen interface,
Digital system setting with human-machine interface operation.
Multi-functional integrated control.
Real-time actual temperature and temperature curve setting can also be used to analyze and correct the curve if necessary.
Uses high precise K-type thermocouple closed-loop control and PID automatic temperature compensation system, with temperature module and intelligent control unit to enable precise temperature deviation on ±2℃.
Movable universal fixture prevent PCB from damaged on fringe component, suitable for all mobile phones of PCB repairing.
With different size of magnet nozzles, easy replace and install, rotate freely 360°, any size can be custom if need. Titanium alloy material, does not deform or rust.
Heating temperature, time, slope, cooling and vacuum can all be set in touch screen conversational interface.
6-8 segments temperature can be set for top heating and lower heating(up to 16 segments).
Automatic up / down alignment with button.
5,000 groups of temperature curves can be stored.
Powerful cross flow fan, fast cooling for PCB and machine.
With Voice warning 5-10 seconds before heating finish.
3 independent heaters.
LED light.
Overheat guarding.
Audio-Visual indication.
CE certified, ISO 9001 standards compliance
Easy operation, Economic, Light weight & portable.


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