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drum loaders, stackers & tilters

Drum Loader Cum Tilter

This Drum Lifter Cum Tilter Stacker is suitable for clamping, lifting and tilting. The drum with the help of chain connected to the tilting attachment can be rotated 360 degree in the clockwise or anti clockwise direction. The tilting can be stopped at any required intermediate position.

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Features of the Lessdeal Drum Loader and Tilter:-

  • Multi function of lifting, transporting & stacking the drums
  • Eagle grip structure is suitable for steel & plastic drums
  • With strapless speed regulator
  • High power reversing switch, integrated hydraulic pump station, power walking driving wheel
  • Combined eagle grip structure and anchorear structure are together in this drum tilter equipment.
  • Manually hand rotate drums 180 degrees, and can keep drums at any angle
  • Heavy duty 1 piece double lipped C Sections forks for greater strength.
  • Top quality hydraulic pump and cylinder.
  • Heavy-duty twin chains for better load stability.
  • This drum lifter trolley has a compact design, is strong and Robust steel construction.


For Manual: upto 400 kg
For Semi Electric: upto 500 kg
For Battery Operated: upto 600 kg
For Counter Balance: upto 400 kg


Lifting Height

For Manual: upto 1500 mm
For Semi Electric: upto 1500 & 2300 mm
For Battery Operated: upto 2400 mm
For Counter Balance: upto 2400 mm



For Manual: Movement, Lifing & Tilting is Manual
For Semi Electric: Movement is Manual, Lifting is Battery Operated & Tilting is Manual or Battery Operated
For Battery Operated: Movement, Lifting & Tilting is Battery Operated
For Counter Balance: Movement, Lifting & Tilting is Battery Operated


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