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Durable Aluminum Frame Pipe Workbench Easy Disassembly Pipe Rack Workbench

Industrial Workbench LD 002

Materials used are 1.7 mm thick aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy pipe joints and green ESD mat. Standard configuration lights, alarm lights, hanging wind batch of aluminum, process instructions, hook, power strip, switch, instrument panel, trachea, casters, adjustable foot cup and so on.


Material 1.7 MM

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LD 002 Aluminum Frame Pipe Rack Industrial Workstation:-

Quick Details:

  • Materials used are 1.7 mm thick aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy pipe joints and green ESD mat.
  • Aluminum pipe and pipe connectors used in this are lighter than plastic coated pipe and metal pipe joints. Great apperance of aluminum pipe rack products.
  • Small pipe rack workstation can be assembled by pipe joints and fixed M6*25 bolts and nuts, without welding. Simple and easy to operate.
  • Size can be adjusted to meet your needs. You can adjust the height of workbench, one just needs to loosen the bolt and nut. Pipe rack products are flexible for assembly.
  • Easy handling of raw materials and assembled products as the raw material are made up of light components.
  • Assembling requires minimum tools and no special tools are required.

1. Aluminum alloy pipe workbench is the one of the new pipe rack products in pipe rack system. It is a modularized system which consists of aluminum alloy pipes and various aluminum alloy pipe connections.
2. The pipe rack workbench facilitates easy disassembly, assembly and is flexible. It can improve production efficiency in any factory designed for the assembly plant, production workshop equipment, maintenance platform, operation station and other production facilities.
3. The pipe rack workbench is a special lab workbench with anti-corrosive and antistatic properties.

4. A variety of countertops can be chosen for this heavy duty workbench with drawers. You can equip the table with the tools, equipment you need.
5. Standard configuration: lights, alarm lights,hanging wind batch of aluminum, process instructions, hook, power strip, switch, instrument panel, trachea, casters, adjustable foot cups and so on.


  1. Small assembly line in factory.
  2. Operate station for testing.
  3. Packing table.
  4. Testing stations.
  5. Display table.

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